Programs We Offer

Social Dance
Each of Arthur Murray's programs are tailored to each individual student. During your studio orientation we will help you design a program that fits your goals. Arthur Murray trained and certified dance instructors can help you no matter what your experience or skill level. Most of our students start out as absolute beginners, so there is no need to worry if you've never danced before. Don't have a partner? No problem at all! We specialize in lessons for both couples and individuals. Our instructors will develop a program for your individual needs, skill level and personality. Please contact us today to set up your free orientation. 

Wedding Programs
Getting married soon? Want to do more than sway back and forth? We can help by designing a program specific to your vision for your wedding. More info...

Juniors Class
We are currently taking mailing list requests for our juniors class. If you are interested in ballroom lessons for your child, please email us at arthurmurrayqca@gmail.com

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